The CP250 ballast regulator machine is designed and constructed to meet the needs of work and reliability of companies of armament. The compact size combined with the high operational capability make this machine suitable for all uses, from small jobs to large profiling local shipyards for renewal or new construction.


The machine is built on a solid frame with 2 axes on which the working bodies are connected, the engine compartment and fuel tanks, cockpit and all parts of the machine.

The ballast regulator is developed in full compliance with UNI EN 14033; is a vehicle of category 4, so as to be placed in the composition with other rolling stock. It is equipped with a brake system of UIC, as well as type of traction systems and unified repulsion.


balast regulator front plan

balast regulator side plan

Ballast plough:  frontal and central
The front plough are located in the front of the machine and are working the ballast on the quayside. The plough drive source is via hydraulic cylinders that allow him to perform the movements of:
-Rotation: swing to go deep into the quay
-Translation: to gather or scatter the harvesting area of the machine
-Opening/closing: regulates the opening of plough and consequently the amount of ballast collected

Engine and hydraulic system :
In order to ensure the best performance the profiling machine mounts a DEUTZ engine supercharged with power of 160 kW. The engine responds to the latest anti-pollution regulations. The compartment that houses the engine is fully sound-insulated to reduce noise pollution produced by the machine.

Brush with conveyor:
The ballast regulator has a brush installed in the back. The brush is tasked to clean up the sleepers after the passage of the ploughs, removing any leftover material and knocking him through the conveyor on one side of the shoulder.


Engine    Deutz TCD 6.1
Power    160 kW @ 2300 rpm
Torque.    900 Nm @ 1450 rpm
Emission    2004/26/EU STEP 3B
Max. speed    60 km/h
Towed max. speed    60 km/h
Work max. speed    20 km/h
Weight    34120 kg
Wheelbase    6200 mm
Total lenght    13365 mm
Width    3000 mm
Height    3500 mm
Max. gradient    60 ‰
Max. traction    90000 N
Cant    160 mm
Ø wheels    860 mm
Draw gear    Unify
Buffer    Unify
Automatic brake    Unify
Direct brake    Unify
Parking brake    Unify, TRISTOP
Diesel tank    600 lt
Oil tank    600 lt
Refuel pump    30 lt/min