Supplier of Railway Infrastructure Equipment

This year Solytek has just celebrate its 20th anniversary.
We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank our clients for their support throughout the years.
Solytek became a recognized player in the field of Track maintenance equipment & Machinery in France as well as on the International Markets.
This recognition keeps us motivated to pursue our development, and provide to our clients more innovation, and high quality services.
These are our commitments.

NEW ! Discover the new sleeper handling for bundles of railway sleepers (4*4). Autonomous and radio-controlled up to 6T
grutage par palonnier pour manutention de paquets de traverses autonome et radiocommandé

NEW ! Discover the Mono-block et bi-block sleeper laying beam model 159-5.


SOLYTEK has been operating on the International Railway market since 1999 as a manufacturer and supplier of Railway Infrastructure Equipment :

The organization and the complexity of the railway projects evolve and SOLYTEK follows this trend by seeking technical solutions to improve production and safety.

SOLYTEK has been working closely with French Railways for developping and supplying innovative track solution. SOLYTEK is member of French Railway manufacturer. In France we work with French Railways SNCF and major contractors like COLASRAIL, ETF, EFFIAGE RAIL, TSO…

NEW ! Discover the steel section Manipulator SM15. It has been designed to handle, erect and install track electrification steel masts in a safety way.

railway catenary assembly crane details

SOLYTEK is present worldwide. Our customer are in the following countries : China, Jpan, Korea, Taiwan, Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Czec Republic, Sweden, Norway…