Steel section manipulator

Steel section manipulator model  SM15

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The Steel section Manipulator SM15 has been designed to handle, erect and install track electrification steel masts, for a safety use :

  • Safety use with a combination of scissor grab and hydraulically telescopic legs.
  • The load is gripped on all four faces using soft urethane pads preventing any damage to galvanized surfaces, and any sliding of the load for an improved safety.
  • A roto tilt adapter head enables precise positioning for accurate placement onto bolted flanges, tube piles.
  • Check valves on all grip cylinders.
  • A unique pendulum valve which can only be overriden by the banksman from outside the cab ensure safety.
  • Applicable to square, rectangular, I-beam, fabricated sections.
  • Delivered with CE and lifting certificates.

Options :

  • Handling of any type of section.
  • Adaptation to any type of Excavator.

Technical data :

  • Weight : 1400 kg
  • Safe Working Load : 3 750 kg
  • Max / Min. Load Section : 650 x 650 mm / 200 x 200 mm
  • Fit square, rectangular, I-beam, fabricated sections
  • Head tilt +/- 30°
  • Grab circuit : Min/max hydraulic. Pressure 110 Bar / 210 Bar
  • Tilt circuit : Min/max hydraulic. Pressure 90 Bar / 210 Bar
  • Rotator circuit : Min/max hydraulic. Pressure 90 Bar / 210 Bar

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