Track works equipments for railway market

Hydraulic tamping unit GBH100

Weight : 350 kg – Clamping force at 200 bar : 6 000 daN – Frequency : 46-50 Hz  Max pressure : 200 bar Flow rate at 200 bar : 60-80 l/min

Hydraulic tamping unit GBH100
  • Lightweigth tamping unit, distance between beaters and tamping depth
  • Adjustable. Tamping on twin sleepers.

Sand leveling device

Sand leveling device
  • The hydraulically operated sand levelling device has been developed to prepare the ground for concrete cable trenches.
  • The sand will be levelled and tamped in an effective way in one working cycle.
  • The unit will be used together with a tilt rotator.

Ballast brush

Ballast brush
  • Hydraulic ballast brush with transversal conveyor belt to remove remaining ballast after track works.
  • Weight and dimensions make transportation on a 7.5t truck possible, rigid rail chassis with changeable wheels, brush drive by 2 powerful motors, free of maintenance, adjustable brush pressure by a hydraulic valve ensures a minimum brush wear.

Transport trailer

Length : 5 m – Width : 2 480 mm – Weight : 2 500 kg – Capacity : 17 000 kg – Wheel diameter : 380 mm

  • For transport of material and equipment, designed to be towed by road vehicle or rail vehicle, parking brake and emergency brake, removable platform gates.
  • Option : length 8 m

Track and switch laying gantries

Track and switch laying gantries
  • The radio­‐controlled track and switch laying gantry F40TR is designed for the longitudinal and lateral laying to the track and switch. With low set-up and very quick workcycles, this machine permits an extremely fast laying work.
  • Available in any track gauge, the machine is self­‐loading on truck and on wagon.
    Ensuring a great lifing capacity, easy of use and worksafety, this machine is the solution for track and switch laying.

High pressure cleaning system mounted on wagon

Hight pressure system mouted on wagon
  • High pressure cleaning system mounted on wagon, working speed up to 60km/h.
  • Motor pump unit 285 HP – Output : 90l/min at 1000 bar.
  • 4 nozzles 1000 bar adjustable for cleaning of 2 rails.
  • Fishplate cleaning set, low pressure cleaning ramp (option).

Impact wrench BT100

Impact wrench BT100
  • 2 stroke engine
  • Rotation speed : 1 200 rpm
  • Torque : 55 to 170kg/m
  • Weight : 19kg

Abrasive disk saw

Abrasive disk saw
  • Homologation SNCF DPI 13139
  • Equiped with a 2 stroke engine and articulated arm allowing perfectly perpendicular cuts.

Lightweight self braking trolley

Lightweight self braking trolley
  • Homologation SNCF DPI 12087
  • Made in aluminium, this trolley is fully dismountable.
  • For transport of tools and equipment.
  • Capacity : 1000 kg

Shelter for aluminothermic welds

Shelter for aluminothermic welds
  • Homologation SNCF DPI 13123
  • Fast mounting and dismantling.
  • 4 handles allowing positioning by 2 operators.
  • White and yellow colors providing best visibility.


rail way motorcar
Rail Vehicles for the transport of personnel or equipments or equipped for maintenance/ building works.
Different size of motorcars allows to equip they with cabins for personnel, cranes, platforms, catenary controls or systems
ldeal for railway/metro building and maintenance.


off road truck
Road – Off Road Rail Vehicles for the transport of equipments or equipped for maintenance/ building works.
Complete autonomy to switch from road to rail or off-road.
ldeal for mine, quarry, railway/metro work.

Trolley and Trailer

Rail Vehicles for the transport of equipments. With or without engine and remote control.
ldeal for quarry, foundry, steelwork, railway/ metro work.