Best agility for rough environments


GF 22 is the lighter OF rail to road loader range : 16 Tons weight and a perfect counterbalance give it an unrivaled manageability.

GF22 is a road  to rail loader with reduced working dimension to allow operation even in restricted spaces with lighter loads.

Available approvals in many country.

Key Benefits

Works on rails and road
The rail/road loader works with the same high performances on the rails and on the road.

Light and balanced
The GF 22 weight allows to the machine to work on wet, sandy or muddy soils with better performance than heavier machine.

The reduced working dimensions make the machine ideal for working in tight spaces with the maximum speed.

The 130 HP engine give to the 16.6 Tons GF22 loader the ideal power in order to obtain the maximum acceleration and speed performance. The tractive force is 102KN on the road and 82KN on the rail.

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  • Hydrostatic transmission on closed circuit with DTC: Dynamic Torque Control that ensures always smooth acceleration.
  • DSC: the Dynamic Stability Control prevents the overturning allowing always flowing movements.
  • EsaHydra: six independent hydraulic circuits keep the maximum power and velocity with multiple movements.
  • Tiptronic gear shift: on movement gear shift:


  • Principal Applications    polyvalent jibs: grabs for excavators/loaders; drilling
    tools; sleeper saw; tamping units; sleeper fork and beam; jackhammer; ditch and ballast cleaning and more and more..
  • Diesel Engine (Deutz)    power: 95 KW {130 hp) @ 2300 rpm, Common rail
    turbo intercooler, liquid cooled
  • Fuel tank capacity    160 l
  •  Weight of the machine    16600 Kg
  • Maximum size    UlC 505/1
  • Max lifting load    Road: 5.600 Kg / Rails: 4.200 Kg
  • Turning Tower    rotation angle: 360° continuous
  • Driving cab    two seats, sound insulated, wide visibility, heatless pans. Equipped with cooling and heating air system
  • Cab equipment    On board computer with touch screen
  • Max. vel. (road/Rail)    30 Kmh / 30 Kmh


  • Steering    hydr. servo, adjustable steering column, automatic locking device during rails work.
  • Service brake (road/rail)    Hydraulic  8 disc brake on 4 wheels / rail simplified with
    tri-stop cylinders: rail wagon brake allowed
  • Parking brake (road/rail)    Hydraulic negative action on 4 wheels / pneumatic on
    through tri-stop cylinders on  4 wheels
  • Rails gauge    for any track gauge; option: 2 gauge on the same axle
  • Axels    with epyciclic reduction gears on wheels
  • Front / rear rail axles    steering, swinging with hydraulic cylinders for swinging
    lock / fixed
  • Front / rear rail boogies    independent with hydraulic control
  • Hydraulic oil circuit    Total capacity: 300 l
  • Maximum arm extension    6200 mm
  • Refueling pump    carrying capacity: 30 l /min


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