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On march 6th , Solytek / Novium International organized with the joint venture ITD / ETF ASEAN a Grinding Show in Bangkok
An event to promote the strengths of the rail road grinder recently acquired by ITD / ETF from Solytek

More than 35 participants of the main railways companies of the region(Malaysia, Thailand , Indonesia, Vietnam , Philippines , Singapore) went to the show in downtown Bangkok and on the Purple Line

Bangkok Rail Grinding Show
equipe ferroviaire bangkok

Meuleuse Rail route
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Solytek, in partnership with Möser Maschinenbau, has won a contract for a 10 stones Road rail grinder for ITD-ETF Joint Venture in Bangkok.
The latest generation of our model Ro-V 149 grinder is a road/rail of compact size for use in main lines and also public transport networks.
This unit is intended for descaling of running table, corrugation grinding on running table, and reprofiling where necessary.